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RTG Pro Drag Sand Scoop (#724)




RTG Pro Drag Sand Scoop (#724)

Here is another new aluminum sand scoop we added to our line. It is a lightweight drag towards you style sand scoop for digging into the sand easily. The aluminum bucket has 5/8″ diameter holes punched into the sides and the back of the scoop. This is the perfect size to collect most rings and coins. The bucket of the sand scoop is 5″ in diameter by 9″ long. The anodized handle is welded to the top of the sand scoop and is 12″ long making the scoop about 18″ overall long.. The handle has a rubber hand grip for comfort. Ultra lightweight sand scoop weighs just a little over 1 pound on a postal scale. Made in the U.S.A. by Reilly’s Treasured Gold. This Scoop Is Not Intended For Using With Rocks. This sand scoop is a must for those who venture out on the beach with their metal detector.

Discounted Price $59.95 Shipped in the USA.