Minelab-Equinox-600-WATERPROOF-Metal-Detector-With-11 Inch DD-Smart-Coil-Multi-Frequency, Wireless Compatible and Free Shipping in the lower 48 USA!

$746.35 $649.00

  1. Equinox 600 with Simultaneous Multi IQ Technology, Waterproof, Extremely Lightweight, Multi Frequency, Back Light With Two Levels of Brightness, Rechargeable
  2. Battery with 12 hour life, Wireless Bluetooth Compatible, Six Custom Search Profiles, Large Target ID, Auto Noise Cancel, Built In Detect Modes, Park, Beach, Field

With innovative NEW multi-frequency technology, the EQUINOX Series redefines all-purpose detecting for the serious enthusiast. Equally adaptable for all target types and ground conditions, just set your detecting location and go!

EQUINOX 600 offers 3 single frequencies of 5, 10, and 15 kHz, giving a 3-times range of 5 to 15 kHz.?

Maximum wireless audio compatibility – Connect conventional Bluetooth headphones, high-speed. Low Latency devices, or the ultra-fast enabled WM 08 audio module. Wireless headphones and WM 08 Module purchased separately.



Wireless Compatible so you can get the optional wireless headphones like the EQX 800 has, or any wireless bluetooth headphone you want to sync up to it! Long Life Rechargeable Battery lasts 12 Hours. Multiple Frequency, or you can run it on single frequency modes, 5 kHz, 10 kHz or 15 kHz, or Multiple Frequencies! The 600 operates the same as the 800 in Multiple Frequency Mode! Waterproof to Ten Feet and two level Backlight, Built in Loud Speaker, Magnetic Charging Connector, and more!