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Metal Detector Hip Stick



The detector HipStick is a device intended to reduce shoulder. arm and back fatigue when using any metal detector. It’s designed to work right or left handed with any metal detecting field pack that uses a bungee support system. HipStick works by transferring the load from your arm and shoulder to the hip; much the same way a frame backpack allows the hips to shoulder the load. The micro bungee is used to retain the ball in the socket and hold the wand when not in use. Allows the use of larger diameter coils with less fatigue. which means you’ll be able to detect longer.

The HipStick comes in four sizes starting with the smallest 16″ and increasing in two inch increments. The best way to check your size is to measure from top of your belt line to top of your shoulder. This will be your torso length. and from that number subtract 2″.

Please notify us of size when ordering.
Small – 16 inches
Medium – 18 inches
Large – 20 inches

Made in USA.

Discounted Price is $49.95 shipped in the USA.