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Garrett Z-Lync Wireless Audio For Metal Detectors, Clear-Fast-Wireless-Audio, Get Free Of The Cord!

$149.95 $127.45

Garrett’s New Z-Lync Wireless Audio, for all detectors! Get free of the Headphone Cord!



Enjoy the Freedom of Wireless Audio. All The Benefits Of Using Headphones Without Being Tied To The Detector!

6Times Faster Then Bluetooth!
It’s easy to set up and go detecting, with no messy cables to get tangled in!

Lighting Fast Audio, Universal, Designed To Work With Most Detectors Brands. Frequency Hopping To Prevent Interference With Other Wireless Devices.

Five Hour Charge Time for 30 Hours of Use!

NOTE: Z-LYNC Requires Use Of Headphones With 1/4″ Jack Connector. This Means That The Stock Headphones That Come With The AT Pro, AT Gold, Garrett Infinium, Or The Garrett Sea Hunter Will Not Work With The Z-LYNC. This Is Due To The Waterproof Compression Fitting On Those Waterproof Detectors. You Will Need A Standard 1/4 Jack Headphone To Use With The Z-LYNC
AT Pro, AT Gold, Infinium, and Sea Hunter you will need the cable adapter, sold separately and headphones without the waterproof connection.

The Z-Lync is water resistant but not waterproof. Five hour charge time and 30 hour run time!


2 Year Limited Warranty,

Speed: 17 millisecond delay (6 times faster than Bluetooth)
Operating Frequency: 2.4 GHz band frequency hopping

Water resistant; do not submerge.
WR-1 (receiver): IP 52: protects against light rain.
WT-1 (transmitter): IP 64: protects against heavy rain.
Battery type: Rechargeable Lithium Ion
Charging: Micro-USB charging port (cables included)