Garrett Ace 250 Detecting Pack

$430.20 $367.00

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9zp4n2w7New Garrett Ace 250 Adventure Pack with Free Accessories!




ACE™ 250 Detector Package

 MSRP: $430.20

Your Discounted Price $367.00

Includes these great accessories:

• ACE ™ 250 with 6″x9″ coil, training DVD, owner’s manual

• NEW Garrett Daypack – Holds all your spare gear, drinks and snacks while in the field

• Camo Digger’s Pouch

• 6″x9″ Coil Cover

• Garrett™ Edge Digger

• Garrett ClearSound Easy Stow Headphones with volume control

• Garrett 50th Anniversary Cap (limited edition)

• Environmental Cover-Up

• Family Treasure Hunting field guide

Also includes 4 AA Factory Installed Batteries 

The GARRETT ACE 250 is one incredible metal detector for the price. It is a serious detector that provides an alternative to the heavier, more expensive detectors.

You push the on/off button, select a pre-set mode (targets you want to find), and start to detect. That’s as easy and fun as it gets.  

Did you know? You can use the custom program on an Ace 250 to find just one type of target? For example, you are looking for property stakes so you can build that new fence or find your property boundries. Just set up the custom program to only accept iron and off you go. The Ace 250 will reject all other targets, except for iron. When you turn the detector off, the Ace 250 will save your custom mode settings. It sure makes it easier and you can set this up for any type of metal target. Great feature on the Ace 250!