Desert Fox Single Speed Automatic Gold Panning Machine



This is the single speed model of the Desert Fox Automatic Gold Panning Machine.

The Desert Fox Spiral wheel was computer designed for maximum speed and efficiency. The Desert Fox drive unit is gear driven and ball bearing equipped. It runs very quiet and it is energy efficient too! Our exclusive aqua-jet on the spray-bar churns and mixes the materials in the wheel for the fastest recovery possible. The Fox can pan up to 70 pounds of concentrates per hour.

Fully self-contained. nothing else to buy. runs off any 12 volt 7amp D.C. source (not included). like a small motorcycle battery or your vehicle battery. Easy to set up or stow. even a child can do it for you.

The Action Packer Carrying case serves as a reservoir to re-circulate water. Weighs only 10 lbs. (dry weight)

Features that make the Desert Fox better!

The Desert Fox has a folding stand so that it not only can be used in the Action Packer case with 3 gallons of water. it will also work in a stream with the pump furnishing water from the stream. It will also work in any tub or tray that will hold 3″ of water in case something happens to your Action Packer.

The Desert Fox has a very positive lock that prevents the pitch of the wheel from changing once you have selected the proper angle. All adjustments are simple and fast and there is no need for extra gadgets to secure your pitch angle.

The Desert Fox drive motor is mounted on the back of the gear box so that it can dry quickly and not be swamped by moisture in the housing.

The Desert Fox and all other Camel machines use double shielded sealed ball bearings.

The Desert Fox spiral wheel is designed with double wall construction. This strengthens the wheel so that it will not warp.

The Desert Fox wheel is designed with sharp spiral riffles to catch more gold.

The Desert Fox tailings tray is made to fit directly under the wheel so that you can empty it easily using its handles.

The Desert Fox operates on any 12-volt 7-amp DC power source. You can use an automotive battery or even a 35 watt solar panel.

The Desert Fox ships complete with an easy-to-understand owner’s manual and a video.

We also pack a bag of practice sand containing real placer gold in every Desert Fox Gold Panning Machine we ship. This is so you can get acquainted with your new machine and prove to yourself how efficient and easy it is to use.

The Desert Fox is easy to Use… Fill the tank with 3 to 4 gallons of water… Hook the clips to your 12-Volt battery… Turn on the switch… The wheel starts to rotate and water sprays from the spray bar onto the wheel… Add a scoop of sand every 20 seconds… The GOLD settles to the bottom as the spiral turns and the seven spiral leads pick it up and elevate it to the center hole in the hub where it passes through the hollow shaft into a gold catch cup! It is as simple as that and so user-friendly that you will be an expert gold panner ten minutes after you have used the DESERT FOX for the first time.


Height: 20 In. Width: 14.5 In.
Length: 20 In. Weight: 10 Lbs.
Wheel Diameter: 12.5 In. Power Req: 12VDC 7AH
Water Required: 3-4 Gal. Pump Capacity: 500 Gph.

Stowed Dimensions Height: 10 In. Width: 14.5 In. Length: 17.5 In.

The Desert Fox has a Five Year Limited WARRANTY direct from the manufacturer. The Desert Fox Automatic Spiral Gold Panning Machine has been manufactured by Camel Mining Products since 1969.

Your Price is $339.00 plus shipping in the USA.
Shipping weight is 15 lbs.
Shipping dimensions are 21″x15″x15″.

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Weight 15 kg